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Since 2004, Hanging Art has represented and worked with over four hundred emerging, outsider and established artists in New York City.

Managing curator and founder Bernard Stote established Hanging Art after hosting his own art show in his residence in Hells Kitchen. The pop-up gallery then led to reaching out to local restaurants, bars and coffee houses in finding free walls to exhibit artwork. Hanging Art created new opportunities for friends, colleagues and open calls for artists as far away as Italy, The Middle East, Africa, South America and parts of Asia.

During the thirteen years, Hanging Art has collaborated with other Arts Organizations including Community Theaters, Churches, Broadway and Non-profits including the outer boroughs of New York.

“I couldn’t have created this by myself without the artists first and foremost,” said Stote.

Hanging Art has brought together the artists, art collectors, curators, community supporters and volunteers who worked together in creating quality exhibitions and programs.

Continued Stote, “When I can bring work and employment for artists, it is the greatest achievement for my own career.”

Hanging Art continues to establish and foster careers of artists, and our collaborative mission.

Lend us your windows, walls and floors.
Let us perform, create and explore.

A special thank you to the first businesses in Manhattan for providing us spaces for our inaugural exhibitions and performances:

Otis Restaurant
Chez Suzette
The Coffee Pot
Coo Gallery

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